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On the second day it was ‘Sri –The Goddess Within’ Ananda Shankar Jayant’s latest production that wove a magic of its own and transported the audience to another realm altogether. In a brilliantly conceived and choreographed presentation, the distinct flashes of Ananda’s ingenuity remained pervasive in every frame. In all, the brilliant choreography was an excellent blend of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi that spoke volumes for the artistic acumen of Ananda Shankar Jayant. Velcheti Subramanyam, The Hindu ,Vishakapatnam 27th December 2013

Essence of Creativity
When Ananda Shankar Jayant announces the premiere of her new production, dance aficionados are sure they are in for a treat.

In execution, Sri was presented in one single seamless piece as the ensemble came on stage in groups, with Ananda flitting in an out in the form of a devotee who invites, then worships and celebrates the Mother Goddess in her myriad forms. Ananda announced the arrival of Durga next with the iconic Sarvamangala mangalye sloka. Here despite the effective nritta and abhinaya of her students, it was Ananda who stood out with her abhinaya recreating the ardent devotee pining to be embraced by the powerful Mother.

The entire production stood out for the manner in which the traditional, religious theme was moulded to modern sensibilities with its unique choreography. - Manjula Kolanu.. The Hindu, Hyderabad, 11th October 2013

The Bliss Within
Students of Shankarananda Kalakshetra, led by their guru, Ananda Shankar, gave a splendid performance marked with perfection in the art form, combined with aesthetic grace as they presented "Sri- The Goddess Within".

With nimble foot work and graceful movements, Lakshmi (Srinidhi Narasimhan) danced to Muthuswami Deekshitar's "Hiranmayi Lakshmi..." in the Raagam Lalitha. The lasya aspect of the dance was well portrayed bringing out the delicate grace of the bejewelled goddess in all her resplendence. When Ananda entered, welcoming the auspicious deity of prosperity with Purandara Dasa's "Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma", most of the audience could feel the presence of the divinity in the air.

Next comes Saraswati, the Goddess of learning, The choreography was exceptionally good here, with the little girls acting as the 'swaras' and later, dancing to the "sarali swaras", "janta swaras" and "alankaras", the gradual steps in undergoing formal training in music. A svelte Saraswati (Sneha Magapu) in an elegant costume of white, with her flowing movements danced to "Maamavathu Sree Saraswathi...." a Mysore Vasudevachar's composition in Hindolam.

Ananda took it from there, with a Papanasanam Sivan's composition in Tamil, "Naan oru velayaattu bommayaa Her admirable abhinaya matched the song loaded with emotion and a deep meaning.

"Sri- The Goddess Within", was a highly gratifying experience. It appeared as though all those divine dolls in the "Dussehra Bommala Koluvu" got up and danced! - Vijaya Pratap.. HANS India, Hyderabad, 6th October 2013

Audience Responses
Outstanding . Not a dull moment Hats Off !- Lavanya Rangarajan

Am speechless after watching your performance. Your passion and love for Devi is stunning and infectious. God bless you Ananda. May you keep doing this for many many more years to come - Sailaja, Isha Foundation

Loved you and your wonderful dance production. Amazing and brilliant. And I could see and feel SRI The Goddess within - Sandhya Kode

Madam, Congrats ! It was a wonderful performance - Sailaja Ramaiyer

Words cannot describe my joy and bliss I felt after your performance. May SRI bless you always - Sharada

Namaskaram Ananda garu
Excellent conceptualisation, direction, choreography, costumes lighting, sound Salutations to you. Were privileged to attend , enjoyed every second of it -Sharada Ram Reddy

Ananda Hearty Congratulations . Yesterday's programme was excellent - Sobha Naidu

Thank you akka for such a beautiful performance.I felt as if I was in Chennai .. The same Kalakshetra ambience. You have always been my inspiration. I came along with my dance students. We all had so much learning from you and your dance today - Subbu lakshmi

What a great performance. We all went out of this world. It was a visual treat for us. We would like to watch SRI again and again. Each and everything was perfect - Nagiah and family