SRI - The Goddess Within

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Through the idiom of poetry, verse, melody and rhythm of timeless music, the architectonic beauty and grammar of Bharatanatyam, and the grace and effervescence of Kuchipudi, we bring to you the Resplendent Goddess; coalescing iconographic imagery to sacred and esoteric symbology, weaving strands of our revered, and cultural inheritance, as we make an offering, to the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Devi.

The Eternal Sri - The Goddess Within

She is Sri - the Unalloyed Truth.
    She is Sri - The Eternal Woman
        She is Sri - The Goddess Trinity
            She is Sri - The Divine
                She is Sri - The Humane
                    She is Sri - The universe
                        She is Sri - The Mother Goddess.
                                She is SRI .. The Goddess within