Taalapatra- Hymns from the Hills

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Ananda takes Bharatanatyam to a new plateau with elan
It was like a voyage to the shores of devotional ecstasy and spiritual serenity..

Ananda's artistic acumen lay in her remarkable prowess hat captured rich and varied aspects of the chosen piece in all its profundity.Her eye for detail was extraordinary, which lent a distinct edge to her expressional elan.The way she explored wide range of emotions from devotion to romance and pathos to supplication reflected her command over abhinaya..

That she was an ace choreographer was evident in every frame. Though a solo feature, her elegance in kinetic movements ensured the effect of a total ballet. - Velcheti, The New Indian Express, Vishakapatnam, 29th November 2010

Ananda Shankar Jayant's repertoire was a combination of grace and harmony.
She danced with delight like a peacock. The mood was one of bhakti entwined with spirituality. The theme 'Taala Patra -Hymns from the hills' aptly summed up Saint Tallapaka Annamacharya's sankeertanas, penned on palm leaves and originating from the Tirumala hills (Tirumalai).

It was a joy to behold a well-laid out dance structure being played out with pulse-like precision. The flow was continuous and the compositions were chosen so that they could form a coherent whole The sancharis and mukhabhinaya were par excellence. The stances she exhibited to depict the nine moods of Narasimha was a subtle piece of artistry.

Though the lyrics ( alarulu kuriyaga) in archaic Telugu spelt the erotic, the dancer handled the romance in the most matured manner imaginable. The jatis recreated the mood of romance while her abhinaya was soft, smooth and emotive. The body language emanated a glowing love -semi physical, semi divine in keeping with the sanctity of the theme.

Nothing could be more apt than the wrap up with a picturesque Brahmotsavam scene. Ananda painted a visual of the paraphernalia that forms an integral part of this mega fest at Tirumala. 'Brahmotsavam --this came real before our eyes by sheer dance and abhinaya, leaving us dazed at her ability to convey without articulation (barring song and orchestra, of course). - Ranee Kumar, The Hindu, Hyderabad, 3 December 2010