Sri Rama Namam- Entha Ruchi ra

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The story of Sri Rama, is a story that transcends space and time an epitome of love service and sacrifice.

The music and bhakti of Bhakta Ramadas have inspired devotees and artistes alike. Simple in delivery and melody but deeply profound, Ramadas kirtanas, suffuse the listener with deep devotion and permeate him with transcendental Bliss or Ananda.

Choosing select and mostly very well known Ramadas kirtanas, using some rare and unknown songs wherever necessary, the life, music and bhakti of Bhakta Ramadas is presented in Sri Rama Namam Entha Ruchi Ra

Duration : 75 Minutes
Language : Telugu
Script : Ramadas Kirtanas
Style : Bharatanatyam
Music : Venu Madhav