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Ananda chose some of the most popular stories from Panchatantra, and presented them in a crisp and witty choreography which was endearing.Truly a contemporary choreographic work... riveting the spectators throughout..Ananda could get the pulse of the spectators with her creative choreogrtaphy and her vivacious dancing with an effervescent ensemble. - Madhavi Puranam, Narthanam 2010

The production is a seamless and aesthetic blend of contemporary as well as traditional dance.The whole performance lays great emphasis on expression, movement and body language, and holds the audience spellbound. Indeed this performance underlies the fact that art is refined form of story telling. - Lakshmi Prabhala,The India Tube, Mumbai

Ananda Shankar Jayant said it with finesse. And no words were necessary. The enchanting movements of dance did all the talking. Story telling has never been better. Everyone sat charmed.- Hyderabad Times, Times of India, March 2006

Still new, still inspirational Selecting danceable tales Ananda has produced a clear winner Of dancer-choreographer Ananda Shankar Jayant's many dance productions, her latest "Dancing Tales - Panchatantra" is by far the most enjoyable and aesthetically integrated in terms of dance calibre, music, stage layout and costumes. Selecting danceable tales illustrating "friendship, courage and quick wittedness, foolishness, vile and guile, leadership and freedom", Ananda under her institution Shankaranand Kalakshetra has produced a clean winner - peppy, and full of humour. What must have been kinetically challenging, through a blend of movements, conventional and original, exuding the mixed flavours of Kathakali, Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi has evolved a dance collage, where ensemble scenes are most convincing in aesthetic terms and in creating typical characters. - Leela Venkatraman, The Hindu, New Delhi, May 2006

Welcome to the jungles: Dancing to the metaphors of life
Ananda Shankar Jayant performs to the timeless parables...Panchatantra

A haunting bass windy whine lures the viewer into the nadirs of deep green jungle groves, a gentle beam illumines a creature that rises to call its clique... .bhum bhum bhum... bustles the group blowing Siva's drums, or is it the dancers' way of evoking the god of elements - on a stage set for exploring imaginative allegories from the forests, what they called Dancing Tales... Panchatantra, the timeless similes for life retold in a creative language of dance theatre.
Premiered on March 26th at the immense Shilpakala Vedika for a packed Deccani audience, Panchatantra by Ananda Shankar Jayant of Shankarananda Kalakshetra simply showed a way to dance!
An expression of life for always, and again; a visual medium enticing the viewer to fathom the fables through the almost seamless props providing space for the dancers who moved across and beyond the surface of dance into the creatures of nature they portrayed. On the judicious mix of dance, music, theatre and the age-old story telling tradition, the choreographer opines that classical dance today only attracts the old and where are the youngsters? Now 20 years down, we will have no audience. This production is a way of attracting the youth to India's dance and story telling traditions…- Pratima Sagar, www.narthaki.com, April 2006

Full of fun - highly energetic Hats off to Ananda! - Kameswari Iyer - Ananda Vikatan, December 2006

Overflowing audience enjoyed Ananda’s show spell bound. For Dada it is the greatest reward – Bijan Mukherjee – Impresario India, Delhi (after staging Panchatantra at 9th Festival of New Choreographies)