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Ananda Shankar Jayant’s scintillating performance particularly ‘Vasantha – India in spring’ held the dance lovers in thrall reflecting her choreographical acumen and expressional prowess. Taking up Nava Vasantham, a song of Devulapalli, it wove images of nature with its rich flora and fauna .. it unfolded into an ode to spring in gestural vocabulary of classical dance testifying to the redoubtable artistic ingenuity of Ananda both as a choreographer and an ace performer. Dasavatras and Suryanamaskarams with complex footwork and sculpturesque postures stood out for its aesthetic appeal. - Velcheti Subrahmanyam... The Hindu, 24th January 2013

The climax of the two days’ programme was the last item “Shivoham” – the cosmic dance with Siva’s tandavam and Shakti’s lasyam each complementing the other. Nataraja, ... It was the ultimate triumph of choreography that was reinforced by the powerful and vibrant rendition of jatis by Ananda that reminded me of the master nattuvanars of the past. It was the piece de resistance of the two-day event. - A Seshan,, 26th November 2012