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Shankarananda Kalakshetra's Navarasas based on just abstract body movement without the Vachika and poetic word element was a worthwhile concept, the strong body extensions starting with 'Raudra' with the music in Attana, making for a rivetting beginning, the manner in which the 'Veeshara' leg became an expression of rejection in Bhibatsa was interesting. costumes were aesthetic and group synchronisation good. The veils in different colours suspended on the hooks of a steel frame suggesting different rasas was a fine touch. - Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu, New Delhi, March 2003

Though Navarasa in itself is an archetypal concept wherein abhinaya is the dominating element in interpreting nine forms of the human mind, Ananda's treatment of the nine moods was unique in the sense she made nritta and abhinaya speak for themselves through syllables (swaras) and not to verse. It (Veera) was picturesque with mudras showing victory and the nattuvangam and swara lending the required thundering effect. Hasya rasa sounds easy to the ear but is difficult to be visualized that too sans situations. It must be said to the credit of Ananda and her troupe that they revealed joy in its different aspects apart from sheer laughter or comical facial expressions. - Ranee Kumar, SRUTI, October 2003

Ananda Shankar Jayant and he rwell groomed troupe,supported by a brilliant band of musicians, had a pulsating presentation of Navarasa. Without any narrative or lyrics, the body language of the dancers distinctly transmitted the emotions to the spectators- that was the beauty of the production. - Shyamahari Chakra, Reporting on the Konarak Festival 2008 in Narthanam, January 2009

A thoughtfully crafted production. - Leela Venkataraman, SRUTI, November 2008

'Great production once again and loved every bit of the performance starting to end. I don't know much about the finer aspects of dance but I was really was impressed with the way you conceived the idea and implemented it and all your and your students hard work came through. There was never a dull moment and the energy created in the space of time was felt by everyone.' - Nitin Mitta, Writes well known Tabla player from Washington DC of Navarasa at Dakshina festival in November 2014

Watched this stunning performance live this evening in Toronto. It was a delightful end to the week. Dr Shankar is an epitome of grace , not only when she dances but also when she speaks. Her ensemble of dancers are a special lot - strong and supple at the same time, not to forget technically prolific. The world they created through their dances was truly mesmerizing and profoundly moving. Grateful to have witnessed this divine craft through their dancing bodies. - Suman VN, Toronto November 2014

NAVARASA an ensemble Bharatanatyam work glowed tonight at the DAKSHINA Fall Festival in Washington DC. 9 dancers filled the beautiful space with long limbs and toned bodies. Ananda Shankar Jayant's signature choreography drew loud and prolonged ovations. - Anita R Ratnam of Navarasa at Dakshina festival in November 2014

Ananda Shankar Jayant's mind blowing Choreography of " Navarasa Ananda Paramanadam !
Navarasa, What a fantastic brainchild of Yours - every Rasa depicted so well with creative choreography and immaculate nritta and abhinayaam - Stage formations, horizontal, linear , circular , vertical - Stage Space looked like a vast sky with a galaxy of shining stars . You are indeed Athai's true reflection ..noble and humble . Dance passionista Vinatha Kumar, after our Washington program last November of Navarasa at Dakshina festival in November 2014

Everyone is still on a high from seeing your wonderful company performance and your ovation was thunderous on Friday from an excited audience. - Daniel Phoenix Singh