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Telugu poems and Tagore
The last segment had two blissful numbers. Tagore's philosophy of life and his constant association with death was expressed in another often heard and danced number "Momo chitte niti nritye keje nache" (who dances in my heart all the time) generally performed as a fast paced number but Ananda's insight and intellect could perceive the deep philosophy embedded in it, to create an unforgettable stimulating choreography by performing without accompaniment, in very slow tempo with a soul-stirring portrayal of "Nache janmo nache mrityu pachhe pachhe."

Ananda's captivating Abhinaya skills, low diffused lighting laced with melody executed with the group of dancers projected time, death and life with compelling imagery. But what evoked response and admiration from everyone in the audience was the gentle solo "Ekti namaskarey prabhu" (In one salutation to thee, my God), her appealing abhinaya portraying the limitless ultimate bliss of existence. - Nita Vidyarthi.. www.narthaki.com, October 22, 2013

The Bard and his Telugu links - One of a kind offering
The song 'Mon More megher' was creatively visualised and choreographed..The last segment 'Gitanjali' was touching - the song 'Ekti Namsakare Prabhu', with a similar Telugu poem was resplendent with devotion, and the dancer's intense emotion was seen with teardrops.

Ananda's co- dancers were a finely tuned set and danced with precision and grace. - Tapati Chodhurie.. The Statesman, Kolkata, 28th September 2013

Mastered the art of choreography..
Kavyanjali' is a brilliant piece of choreography celebrating the life of Rabindranath Tagore and his literary influence on our mindscape.

What Ananda created on stage was an artistically aesthetic picture of Tagore through his thought and verse as opposed to our own poets of the 20th century. The stage opened to a digitally breathtaking backdrop with Kavyanjali scripted in stark black Bengali alphabet and a tablet picture of Tagore at one end. This screen was lit up with a row of flaming red lamp-like illusions that set the border. The lighting kept changing in keeping with the thematic mood being enacted on the dais. Every Telugu song - be it Krishna Sastry's eulogy of the spring (Vasantham) or Rayaprolu's patriotic Vande twam Bhu deviym - is interspersed by a similar piece from Tagore in Bengali and the dance changes its pace. This was the highlight of Kavyanjali. The flow was a seamless one. For instance, the dance of the group miming the peacocks in utter delight at the onset of Vasantham is frozen and flown into the Bengali praise of the Varsha whose first raindrops send nature's creatures aflutter.

The hoary dance of Lord Nataraja whom Tagore calls upon in one of his poems finds an echo in Devulapalli's and the dance that followed was simply stupendous. Jinak Raj had the audience eating out of his hand when he gave a power-packed presentation with excellent footwork for the tandavam with chiselled stances and accurate, lightning moves.

Ananda has mastered the art of choreography given the penchant for details, the sensitivity in portrayal of abstract or concrete, the care and concern to keep close to the original and last but not the least, adherence to a pure classical format with no dilutions whatsoever.

Gitanjali-inspired verses where the intensity of Tagore's thought process had to find an artistic expression with its equivalent in Ekanta seva by the Oleti-Balantrapu duo was given a profound treatment by Ananda. The solo presentation best suited the pondering mood that underlined the songs and the figure of a single artiste immersed in the vast expanse of the stage provided the depth that was required for such deeply reflective songs. - Ranee Kumar.. The Hindu, 26th January 2012

Audience Responses
Ananda what a show!! This is doing injustice to the people of Kolkata if you don't take the show there. Kolkatans should see the beautiful and mind boggling composition of Rabindrasangeet with extensive grammar and vocabulary of Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi...
What a mesmerizing show. This must happen in Kolkota. Great Ananda!
Jayant's calligraphy was very nice and his voice too - Manisha Singhania

Kavyanjali was a stupendous performance. I as an audience was mesmerised and totally enthralled. It was superbly choreographed, directed and executed to perfection. The lighting and the slides were superb. It took the entire show to another level. Needless, to mention JD's narration. His baritone voice, diction, modulation of voice left the audience wanting to listen to more of his narration. The costumes and colour combination were amazing too. It sure was a visual treat for me - Sree Lata Shankar

Had the opportunity to watch 'Kavyanjali' dance ballet by Ananda Shankar Jayant and troupe inspired by Gurudev's works. Excellent is the word. Thanks Ananda for the invite.Padmavathi Kotamraju

Your choreography was excellent - Vanaja Uday

Just wanted to congratulate you once again.We all were spell bound last evening..Hats off to your creativity, energy levels, choreography, and last but never the least to your expressions.. That was a great idea to dance for both Bengali and Telugu literature together. It's a special talent in you.. And please convey our special wishes to your husband for his unique style of narraton - Bonu Sobha Rani

You never fail to amaze me ! The sheer depth and the detail you impart to any topic! Hats Off! - Sujatha Mariganti

Beautiful and extraordinary choreography… In such a short time. The concept, thought, idea, costumes, formations, the list goes on.. Who else can do such a creation. Only and only you our akka.. proud to say that.. -Neeraja

An evening to remember, with such a wonderful ballet, by you and your team with Jayant's voice and the writings. Everyone was showering compliments continuously. Your solo and the choreography was the best. Lighting and the special effects were so good. We enjoyed watching this new ballet. God bless always the best for all the dedication you have for dance.. - Prabha Prakash

Fantastic performance, as always. Jayant's introduction was flawless. Many congratulations - Dr Raghuram

Awesome , absolutely enthralling! Kavyanjali was wonderful. Iam so glad, to have the privilege of attending your beautiful creation and performance. Loved the Telugu poetry and the blending with Bengali and the creativity! Another view of Devulapalli Krishna Shastry.. Thank you so much.. - Sandhya Kode

Madam It was indeed a treat to the eyes. Thanks for such a beautiful performance. - Sunita Bhagwat

It was a wonderful performance. Too good. Congrats to Jayant for his beautiful narration - Sanjay Ashtaputra

Astounding Perfromance.-Sundar Ram