Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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Unique fusion of two cultures Ananda, a product of the Madras Kalakshetra, brought about a unique fusion of the cultures of East and West by her impressive choreography for Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the celebrated work of Richard Bach. Jonathan's search for the 'unlimited self' and quest for knowledge which takes him higher and higher is an apt subject to be highlighted these days and the danseuse did well to 'spread her wings' and come up with this novel production. - G. Ulaganathan, Indian Express, Hyderabad, June, 1993

It is an unusual dance, presenting abstraction of thought in a free style, with music ranging from jazz to rock and abhinaya suited to English narration an ambitious venture that embodies the poetry and lyricism of life itself reflected in the dazzling white dresses of seagulls and their graceful flights. With sparse stage materials and only the music behind her, Ananda succeeds in projecting this philosophical theme with undramatic eloquence. The spectators were able to arrive by induction at the intentions behind each movement, each flap of wings. Such a thought conveying quality of dance name "Metakinesis" by John Martin, a great dance writer. To Ananda goes the credit for her telling envisagement of a world beyond one's animal existence through this ballet. An invisible wholeness of form and content distinguishes this presentation, the gravity, brilliance and resonance of which have the power of speaking to the heart. - K.S.Mahadevan, Indian Express, Madras, January, 1993

An extremely innovative and elegant performance. - India Today,May, 1992