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The members of the troupe are talented and well equipped so much so that they are able to meet the exacting demands of Ananda as a choreographer. Ananda as Lord Buddha carried the production admirably on her slender shoulders displaying reposefulness, dignity, serenity and calm. - Subbudu, The Statesmen, New Delhi, August 2003

Your Performance in Delhi on 14th August 2003, was superb. It has the stamp of your almamater Kalakshetra. - Sri R. Venkataraman, Former President of India, August, 2003

Ananda played the roles of the prince Sidhartha and again that of Buddha. She portrayed the two different roles with customary characteristic éclat and élan. She was the ' Enlightened One'- per se. The serenity in her face was serenity at its best. Come again to Chennai soon, Ananda. - R.Srinivasan, The New Indian Express, Chennai, December 2004