Breast Cancer Advocacy

Ananda was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2008.

She underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and Herceptin therapies for 2 years. Through it all she continued to dance, teach, choreograph , travel and perform on tour . She is in remission now, and continues to be under maintenance therapy and regular surveillance.

She believes that cancer is only one page in her life and that her focus on her art, and tuning into her dance, helped her tune out of cancer. Invited to speak at TED in November 2009,Ananda received a standing ovation for her talk.

She actively lectures on breast cancer support and advocacy issues. Ananda is also Convenor of Asha, a dedicated breast cancer support group providing psychological and emotional assistance to patients and their families; an initiative of the Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation.

Be Breast Aware - A short film on Breast cancer awareness made by the well known film maker, Mr. Mani Shankar, featuring Ananda Shankar Jayant, and students of Shankarananda Kalakshetra.
Be Breast Aware - Telugu
Be Breast Aware - English

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Breast Cancer Advocacy